Can Telkom's Call-answering service be responsible for my connection problem?

Some clients are experiencing problems connecting when there are voicemail messages on their Telkom Call-answering service. Usually, a beeping noise can be heard over the dial-tone. This will cause problems when the modem tries to connect to the internet service.

Retrieving your messages
You can retrieve your messages by dialing 10120 from the phone you have Basic Voicemail on free of charge. You can do a remote retrieval by dialing 10121 (also from cellphones) or +27 881 999 990 from international destinations. With remote retrieval the system will ask you to enter your mailbox number, which is the dialing code and telephone number

Secret code

Your starter secret code will be the last four digits of your telephone number. To change or suppress your secret code dial 10120 (from the phone you have Basic Voicemail activated), enter your starter secret code, press #, press 3 for personal options and follow the voice prompts.

Service conditions
Basic Voicemail can be provided only on direct, single-lines, exchange resources permitting. It can be applied where there is more than one telephone instrument connected to a single direct line;

Unfortunately Basic Voicemail does not work on switchboards, or on hunting lines;
Your telephone will ring approximately 20 seconds (± 7 Rings) before the call is routed to the mailbox. This is a fixed setting and cannot be changed;

You might experience difficulty when trying to connect to the Internet if you have a new message in your mailbox. This is basically due to a new message in your mailbox. You will be notified of new messages by an interrupted/stutter dial tone. You can either listen to your message by dialing 10120 or set you computer to ignore dial tone by doing the following:
By dialing Telkom's Call Centre (10219) you can also request that they provide you with Outcall Notification rather than stutter dial tone as a message waiting notification.

How to activate Outcall Notification from your telephone: