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document How many recipients are allowed in one message?
50 (fifty).  Please use BCC when sending email to multiple recipients.
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document Mail delivery policy at Maxitec
The following are the technical requirements for the delivery of email via the MAXITEC network: Mail will only be accepted from mail servers...
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document Maxitec Blacklisting Policy
MAXITEC has implemented a new email policy to further try and reduce the amount of junk email (SPAM) being sent to it’s clients. A few months...
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document What do the errors in bounce messages mean?
Some typical error messages   unknown local-part "abcd" in domain "maxitec.co.za" User unknown in local...
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document What does prohibited by administrator mean?
The administrator of the mail server has blocked you or the recipient from receiving mail. Mail the postmaster@thedomain if you think this is an...
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document What does relaying prohibited by administrator mean?
You are trying to use our mail server to send email to someone that is not one of our clients while not connected to the Internet through our...
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document What does retry timeout exceeded mean?
Our mail server is configured to try and deliver mail immediately. Statistically 99.3% of all mail delivered by our mail server is done so in under...
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document What does un-routeable mail domain or all relevant MX records point to non-existent hosts mean?
The domain name, everything after the @ in an email address, does not exist or the mail server for the domain does not have a valid IP address. Check...
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document What is the limit of my mailbox size?
MAXITEC has no mailbox size limit. We will however monitor mailboxes that grow beyond 20MB and we may delete mailboxes that have been inactive for...
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document What is the maximum size of any message that I can send or receive?
8Mb. Please note that an attachment gets encoded and this increases the message size by up to 60%. To send larger messages break them apart. Also ask...
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document What is your Greylisting Policy?
Greylisting simply delays the very first message sent by a sender for a period of 5 minutes. Your ISP will spool your message and will normally retry...
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document Where can I contact the Postmaster?
Email: postmaster (at) maxitec.co.za Tel: +27 28 313 2596 Fax: +27 28 313 0495
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document Where can I report email abuse by MAXITEC members?
Email abuse@maxitec.co.za. Please include the headers of the offending message. The headers look like this. Received: from...
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