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document Can I get more Bandwidth after the "Cap" is reached?
Yes. Please contact Maxitec on 086 1234 777 for more information or see
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document Can I play games online?
Yes, but internationally hosted games may still lag. So try to find a local game server. Unfortunately even at fast data rates the data still need to...
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document Do I need to install a new phone line?
No, ADSL works by splitting your existing telephone line signal into two, one for voice and the other for data.
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document Does ADSL interfere with the usual telephone service? Can I still use my normal modem?
ADSL works on totally different frequencies than the classic telephone services, and as such, the two can be used at the same time. The only...
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document How fast is ADSL?
The service currently available in South Africa is running at speeds of 1024 Kbps (approx. 20 times faster than a modem). Upload speeds are slower...
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document I've heard that USB modems can slow down my PC?
SB modems will consume CPU cycles to perform their work. They consume some CPU cycles even when not online, since they attempt to remain synced with...
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document What do I need to get ADSL?
An ADSL upgraded exchange equipped to supply the ADSL service and situated within a 3km to 5km radius from your exchange. An Analogue phone line....
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document What is ADSL and how does it work
ADSL ("Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a type of DSL. It works by splitting your existing telephone line signal into two, one for voice...
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document What is the "Cap"?
As part of the monthly Internet subscription subscribers have access to "x amount" Gigabytes of bandwidth. The Gigabytes is measured on...
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document What role does Telkom Play?
The majority of services are available through a broad range of ISPs who are reselling products from network operators such as Telkom. It is the...
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document What will I end up paying per month?
The minimum ADSL Subscription payable to Maxitec is R 139 pm. An amount of R 245 or R 516  will be added to your Telkom bill each month for line...
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document When is the "Cap" counter reset?
The counter is re-set at the beginning of each month.
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document Where do I check my bandwidth usage and how much is left?
These stats are updated daily when your connection is reset. Note that the cap applies to data uploaded and downloaded and that additional bandwidth...
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document Why is there a "Cap"?
The monthly volume cap is to protect the total ADSL subscriber base by providing a reasonable service to all subscribers. Power users who...
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