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folder Postmaster (13)
Technical specifications relating to email systems managed by Maxitec.
folder Microsoft Outlook (2)
Questions relating to Outlook. Installs with MS-Office package.
folder Outlook Express (2)
Standard Microsoft email client. Installs free with all versions of Windows
folder Mozilla Thunderbird (1)
Open Source email client.

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document How can I access my email while away on holiday?
You can access your MAXITEC mailbox from anywhere in the world from any browser. Just go to to read, compose, reply and delete your email.
rating Views: 4309
document How many recipients are allowed in one message?
50 (fifty).  Please use BCC when sending email to multiple recipients.
rating Views: 2424
document Mail delivery policy at Maxitec
The following are the technical requirements for the delivery of email via the MAXITEC network: Mail will only be accepted from mail servers...
rating Views: 2821
document What is the limit of my mailbox size?
MAXITEC has no mailbox size limit. We will however monitor mailboxes that grow beyond 20MB and we may delete mailboxes that have been inactive for...
Not rated Views: 2460
document What is the maximum size of any message that I can send or receive?
8Mb. Please note that an attachment gets encoded and this increases the message size by up to 60%. To send larger messages break them apart. Also ask...
Not rated Views: 2482